NASA is incredibly important to a successful rollout of The Great Rebuild (TGR). NASA, through the Apollo Program, gave the private sector close to 6300 new technology advancements. From velcrow, to sonograms, to vacuum sealed food, NASA has pioneered many inventions and technological advancements.

NASA also inspired our nation as we set off to the Moon.

The TGR includes increasing funding for NASA to restart the shuttle program. We can recapture the same feeling of hope and optimism by NASA’s plan to go back to the Moon, but this time to stay, and then to Mars. Our generation would be the first to witness Humans become an interplanetary species. Most importantly, NASA can be vital in helping us adjust and combat climate change, and can help save lives with advancements in a smart weather grid that would be tied into the internet of things platform. NASA is also vital in our fight to save our planet and protect it as we explore other planets. We must learn to respect and love Earth before we begin to explore other planets.