New Water Grid

The EPA’s 6th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment has shown that in order to maintain or upgrade our national water infrastructure we need to invest $472.6 billion.

My plan involves building and connecting new water lines and treatment centers that would collect, treat, and distribute excess water on the coastlines from rising sea levels and flooding due to our more powerful storms. The water would be distributed with the use of a smart water grid system connected to our Internet of Things platform, to areas in need of clean fresh water. This would also increase the amount of drinkable water available and help with irrigation of dry lands. It would also funnel water to areas that deal with forest fires and can help us manage and repair our ecosystem. We would model our water pipeline system similar to Israel’s drought water distribution system.

Fixing our nation’s water systems would not only address climate change, but it would fix the broken water systems in communities such as Flint Michigan and Newark New Jersey as well.