National Security

Improving our national security and protecting our privacy continues to be a pressing concern as we move into the Third Industrial Revolution.

Using LiFi technologies will help secure our national security, data, and elections systems. Because LiFi uses light instead of radio frequency, the server and data can be secured as light cannot transmit through solid walls. LiFi will also make our transition into the Third Industial revolution easier which would allow us to improve our readiness for terrorism, hackers, foreign adversaries and solar flares. It would allow us to better monitor and secure our resources and water supply, it would decentralize our electrical grid, and give us more efficient weather warning systems.

LiFi and solar technologies combined will also help with military readiness as it will allow troops to decentralize bases overseas thus cutting down casualties due to attacks on oil conveys (which was the leading cause of death amongst U.S. troops in the Iraq and Afganistan wars). Units, camps, and bases will have faster data connection, increased abilities to communicate and navigate troop movement and deployment on the battlefield, and provide quicker emergency response times for unit reinforcement.

Our electrical grid is centralized as it was when created during the second industrial revolution. Modernizing and decentralizing our electrical grid will help protect us from a nuclear bomb detonating in the atmosphere, getting hacked, or a major solar flare. We could isolate and quicker respond to energy outages or threats to the system. It dramatically improves our military readiness and ability to protect our data and privacy as well. It will also dramatically improve our national security because light can be contained to a physical space as well as your data. LiFi technology is made from silica, and the United States is the worlds third leading producers of silica (behind China and Russia). Sillica production is harmful to the enviourment but it can easily be recycled and used to make biochips, glass on sensors, lenses, and prisms for our new digital modernized infrastrure. The United States would be energy indepentent thus changing our relationships and strategies with countries in the Middle East and our dealings in the proxy wars in that region.

We would need to work closely with Canada and Mexico as they are our top two suppliers of oil. It would be in our best interest to help all the countries on the American continent develop these technologies and smart grids and replace oil and gas with the new oil and gas in data and green energy. This will also place us at a strategical advantage over China which has developed their digital Internet of Things platform with 5G technology. We can upgrade our national security and infrastrucrte while fighting climate change and saving money and generating revenue.