Re-forestation is vital for fighting climate change. Not only do we need to be a carbon zero society, but we need to implement strong carbon fighting solutions to reduce carbon already present in the atmosphere.

Focusing on the health of our soil and planting more trees is just the start. My plan is to modernize all recycling plants in the United States and use them as a means to fight carbon emissions and eliminate waste. A great real-life example of this is Recology, which is a resource recovery company In San Francisco. They collect municipal solid waste and separate materials that would be normally buried in a landfill. Recology takes the waste and converts it to compost that yields a “super soil,” which helps fight CO2 emissions and can help replenish our soils’ nutrient density. This would help in the growing of hemp for our clothing, paper, building materials, and many other products as we fight climate change.

We would use fractals in mathematics to not only chart and monitor weather patterns but map out how to most effectively plant trees and other plants. According to research conducted by the Swiss University, 2.2 billion acres of land are suitable for reforestation globally and this would capture about 205 billion metric tons of carbon. This study also found that The United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and China were the top 6 best countries for reforestation.