Meet Darryl


My name is Darryl Hendricks and I am running for The US House of Representatives for the State of New York, District 10. I am running to fight climate change through my plan The Great Rebuild. As a father and family man, born and raised in Manhattan, I am a concerned citizen and I am ready to fight for the future of our great nation through stopping climate change.

My life experiences and years of research gave me a different perspective from other candidates and have helped me formulate The Great Rebuild.

By profession I am a Personal Trainer and for 10 years my wife, Lucy, and I owned our own training studio in Westchester, NY. I am a unique candidate in that I have Asperger’s Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Dyslexia. I was abused as a child and adult, I was bullied most of my childhood and was often referred to by my teachers as “a retard,” or “retarded”. I struggled most of my academic life because the system was not set up for children who learned like I did.

Please take your time reading through my platform pillars. As a candidate for Congress for District 10 I did not want to focus on what is not going well, but I wanted to provide solutions to actually fix what is broken. These solutions will unify our country and save our planet. As you will see the only pictures of me are in this section as this campaign is not about me but about all of us, about our country, and this revolution. This website is designed without intricate graphics or flourishes to appeal to people on the spectrum.

I am excited to present The Great Rebuild to the people of District 10 and to the citizens of this great nation. Join the Light Revolution and help unite our country!