The Great Rebuild

The Great Rebuild is a plan that provides a blueprint on how the United States can lead the world into the Third Industrial Revolution and fight climate change at the same time.

The Great Rebuild will address all of the issues voters care about such as income inequality, national security, job loss due to automation, animal rights, education, prison reform, modernizing our economy, healthcare, and many others.

Our campaign will outline a clear path and vision that will unite Americans from all political affiliations. Our platform is based on data and solutions formulated by the scientific and national security communities.

Our website also provides videos, which help highlight the issues we face, and will provide visual examples that are informative as well as creative (The creators of the featured videos are not affiliated in any way with our campaign nor have any campaign contributions been accepted from them.)

The Great Rebuild is modeled after Economist Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution platform. His model combines advances in transportation and communication logistics with a new energy source to move and power our economic life. Jeremy Rifkin uses the First and Second Industrial Revolutions as a blueprint on how we should move into the Third.

The Great Rebuild will also address the rise of artificial intelligence and how we can slow it down yet use it to help transform our society in a positive way.

Instead of choosing a side on any of the aforementioned issue, The Great Rebuild will create a system where these issues no longer exist. All of the ideas in The Great Rebuild are not my own, but of the minds of the experts and scientists in the field, and are nonpartisan.

How do we pay for it:

  • Revenue from a 15% federal tax on cannabis which would yield close to $132 billion over the next 10 years

  • Redirecting the money the federal government spends on animal testing, fossil fuels, meat and dairy, and farming subsidies which total $98 billion over the next ten years

  • A 18% data tax which would yield $4 Trillion over the next 10 years

  • A Carbon Tax at $49 per metric ton that would raise $2.2 trillion over the next ten years

The Great Rebuild consists of 3 main pillars. Click on any of the 3 listed items to find out more information: