The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution is an economical theory which has been written about and presented by world economist Jeremy Rifkin. It highlights how economic change occurs when communication, transportation and logistics technologies converge with new energy regimes.

The First Industrial Revolution began in the UK, where we saw the combination of the steam engine, the locomotive and the printing press with coal.

The United States, with our crude oil, the invention of centralized electricity, the telephone, television, automobiles and airplanes catapulted the world into the Second Industrial Revolution and thus became the world's first Super Power. More than 90 percent of our products are either made from a fossil fuel or depend of fossil fuels for delivery and transportation. In order to get to a carbon zero platform, we need to adjust not only our economy, but our infrastructure, and the way we approach our daily lives.

The Great Rebuild takes all of the above into account and shows how LiFi, solar and wind energy, cannabis and the creation of The Internet of Things can move us and the world into the Third Industrial Revolution and thus stop climate change.