National Solar Initiative

The National Solar Initiative would change move the United States completely off of carbon and to green/solar energy. In order to generate 4,000,000 GWh of clean energy, we would need 11,200,000 acres of land. The United States federal government currently owns 640 million acres of land, which makes up 28% of our total and area which is 2.27 billion acres. A lot of the land the federal government owns is in areas that receive a lot of sun, which can be collected and stored, and distributed to areas with lesser amounts of sun and wind. These areas are also securely guarded and would provided an easy build as most of the area are dissolute. We would essential create national solar farms and at the same time push the markets to make green energy cheaper, more accessible, and offer tax incentives for both individuals and businesses. This smart green grid, will also decentralize energy, while managing our aggregate effencicy and energy. This is great for energy effenciecy and helping us move to a marginal low to zero cost with energy and it is also great for national security. Our current power gird is centralized and is very susepctable to terriost attack and solar flares from either a nuclear bomb exploding in the atmosphere or a solar flare. The National Solar Iniative will also involve building and securely storing extra parts that can easily be installed in the event of such disasters. We would use LiFi and the “data pipeline” to buy and sell our energy on the open market thus decentralizing and democratizing energy.