National High Speed Railway

The United States has a major rail system that was largely replaced and built over by roads for automobiles. A High-Speed rail would increase economic activity and development. We use the bullet train model similar to that of Japan.

A High-Speed Rail will create thousands of jobs, increase economic activity (an estimated $1 invested would create $4 in economic benefits), would reduce air pollution, would improve quality of life, increase economic activity in real-estate and promote dynamism, and improve traffic congestion just to name a few.

The fastest bullet train in the world is in Japan, and it is capable of reaching speeds up to 224 mph. A bullet train would be capable of traveling from New to Washington D.C. in about an hour, to Chicago in 5 hours, and to California in 15 hours. The eventual goal would be to add Hyperloop trains for longer distances. A Hyperloop train would be capable of reaching speeds of 700 mph and would would take passengers from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes.