Modernize The Military

Modernizing our military is essential to national security and our global standing.

Ensuring our military is up to date with the latest technology while moving the military to 100% green energy needs to be a top priority. Many soldiers have lost their lives in battle in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars due to being part of oil convoys. Our military going completely green means a decentralizations of energy and increased mobility on the battle field. It would also save lives and provide other strategic advantages. Implementing LiFi (click here for LiFi as part of the Hendricks2020 platform) would ensure the military would have full high speed internet, regardless of the terrain, at all times.

LiFi would also open up development for new technologies to help us better defend our nation and increase national security.

We would save billions of dollars annually in energy expenses, and our planes and other vehicles would be faster due to less weight of not having to carry a fuel payload.

*These videos are examples of some of the technological advancements the Unites States military has been utilizing. The videos are in no way affiliated or associated with our campaign.*