Modernize Education

Our education system is old and outdated and still mirror the second industrial revolution. In the last 25 years school ‘reform’ has been driven by businesses and politicians but not educators. Our grading system, the way students are taught and our system of measuring learning are old and outdated. We focus on a system of top down vertical integration with very little collaboration. Our education takes a one size fits all approach method to teaching our students which was needed for the second industrial revolution. Students are lectured for more than 5 hours a day which is not efficient for attention span and memory. We are also not taught how make, manage, and make our money work for us. We teach our children how to work and to do so with a second industrial system and infrastructure.

My goal is to change our education system to mirror the Finnish school system which is rated number 1 in the world. Educators need to play a pivotal role in creating this change.

We need to teach our children how to make and manage money. We should use third industrial digital economic platform to teach children how to make money. As an example, teenagers come home and sell sneakers and other items on Ebay and other outlets. If we foster this, it will create an entrepunural sense within our educational system. Students will be taught and prepared to handle a digital and global economy once they hit the workforce. It will spark a new era of innovation and technological advancement. It will make the ladder to social mobility more accessible than it has ever been. Most importantly, it will teach students how to be self-sufficient and it will give them all the tools needed to financially succeed.

We need to prepare our students for the future, digital economy which is based on collaboration and lateral power. This means a greater focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), deemphasizing testing, increase pay for teachers by $13,500/year, elevate teachers educational standards, targeted collaboration between teachers to improve innovation and elevate respect for the teaching profession in the United States. Classrooms should be digitalized and cater to students’ attention span and varying learning needs. Educational programs should be integrated with extracurricular and outdoor activities as well as sport activities.

A study showed that 23.4% of bullying occurs in the lunchroom. TGR will also require schools to provide healthily eating for all students and lessons on health and civility while at lunch. This would create an environment where students would learn to learn share and serve one another and how to help one another. This would teach collaboration, how to make and prepare healthy foods, and how to understand, work with, and respect one another. We would be extending the classroom to the lunchroom.