End The War on Drugs

The war on drugs has been a disaster in the United States. The Great Rebuild calls for the ending of the war on drugs with the decriminalization of all drug products. This will take the power away from drug cartels and hurt their bottom line. We would focus our efforts on helping and rehabilitating non-violent drug offenses and arrest illegal sellers and traffickers.

The war on drugs has made the drug problem worse and it has targeted communities of color, the poor, and those with mental and physical disabilities. The 13th Amendment which abolished slavery, was enacted in 1865. It however, had a major loophole that allows for involuntary servitude as punishment for conviction of a crime. It has led to 38% of the United States prison population to be disproportionally black. As quoted from the 13th Amendment:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

The war on drugs has also separated generations of families and has increased illegal immigration. The Unites States’ involvement in South America fighting communism has sparked mass illegal immigration to our border. The CIA has been implicated with drug trafficking, financing, and supporting terrorists and criminal elements in order to fight communism. One example would be how the CIA financed the Contras, terrorists and mercenaries trying to overthrow the Sandinistas of Nicaragua. Some reports claim the CIA aided Pablo Escobar for years. Pablo Escobar was responsible for supplying close to 80% of cocaine to North America, and mainly into poor black communities.

TGR would also treat drug addition as a public heath crisis and not a war or crime. These are some of the changes proposed with TGR in dealing with our citizens:

  • decriminalize all drugs

  • Enforcement against and rehabilitation for illegal growers and sellers

  • Offer rehabilitation programs as supposed to a prision sentences for drug use

  • Provide clean needles, medical supplies, and clean drugs to cut down the spread of preventable diseases such as Hepititis C and HIV or AIDS and allow drug users to preform normal lives with the goal of rehabilitation and a safe withdrawal from drugs without prison time

  • Explore and legitimize any current illegal narcotics that are found to be helpful in improving health and reduce anxiety under strict federal limits and guidelines

  • Foster business and innovation for cannabis growers

  • Encourage illegal sellers of cannabis to file with the government and allow ligimitate businesses which would provide revenue and cut down on violence

  • We would work with Mexico, who have called for a 5 year plan to end their war on drugs.

  • Redirect ICE to stop arresting illegal citizens and focus their efforts on offering protection to those illegal citizens who encounter drug cartels, sex traffickers, and other dangers they may face. Once in protection, offer family and medical assistance, temporary shelter until they are able to safely migrate home, and an allowance for employment with taxation

Ending the war on drugs will reduce crime, improve health, decrease recidivism in prison, stop destroying the lives of families across the country, reduce illegal immigration, and provide revenue.